Solway Bin and Liner

We collect farm plastic using the Solway recycling bin system

Its a simple, Pay As You Go system.

You fill the liner with one type of plastic either Silage Wrap, Fertaliser Bags, Plastic Drums, String Etc. and then once it is full, we come and collect it. Or you can drop it at our yard yourselves.

We charge per liner to collect depending on how many liners you have.

How does the bin system work?

The liner must be filled with the same type of plastic

Step 1

Place your bin in a convient place next to the souce of waste, to make it easier to fill and keeping the area tidy.

By pulling the liner down the outside of the bin you get maximum space to fill inside the liner and enough room to tie the liner up once it is full.

Step 2

Start filling the liner with the same type of plastic:

For example

  • Silage wrap
  • Fertilizer Bags
  • Rigid plastic drums and containers (Must be triple rinsed and drained)
  • Net Wrap
  • String

Step 3

Compact it down to get more in

Step 4

Once full, tie the liner using large cable ties or string and then remove the bin from the liner.

Step 5

Use a bale grab or forklift to move the liner to a more convient place with suitable access for the collection lorry.

Liners will be collected on a pre arranged day with yourselves and will be visually inspected to ensure they contain the correct materials.

What plastic can I put in the liner?

AGRI Waste Stream 1

  • Silage Wrap (250+ per liner)
  • Silage Pit Covers
  • Small Feed and Fertiliser bags
  • Plastic Packaging

AGRI Waste Stream 2

  • Bulk Fertiliser Bags
  • Bulk Feed Bags
  • Bulk Seed Bags
  • 130+ 600kg bag per liner – no need to remove inner liner

AGRI Waste Stream 3

  • Rigid Plastic Drums and Containers (Must be triple rinsed and drained)

AGRI Waste Stream 4

  • Net Wrap


  • String


We also recycle

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Tree Guards
  • Teat Liners
  • Shotgun Catridges
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Waste Oil
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Redundant Agrochemicals
  • Redundant Vet and Meds

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